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"Capturing the Progress: Aerial Drone Construction Photography Tips and Techniques"

Construction site aerial photography is an effective, inexpensive method for contractors to be on top of the demands of their work. From work beginning to completion, drone photography delivers this information that project managers need to make timelines, remain within budget, and ensure investors are happy with every detail.

Drone technology is developing rapidly, seeing new drones with increased capabilities being announced regularly. In the property business, drones are being used for aerial photography and commercials, capturing the property's characteristics from impressive angles. But even as quickly as drone technology progresses, new and exciting functions are being discovered.


However, the technical advances in the construction industry are not limited to only aerial photography but also high resolution 4K video. Drones and aerial photography are important for having photos and videos of the landscape. They are increasing safety in the workplace and will bring more knowledge to survey data.  Aerial photography can provide a great tool for building projects.  In fact, it has been proven that drones can help build up a strong foundation for any construction project.


There are a wide variety of technical applications for drones. The camera equipped drone is used to explore the environment and capture breathtaking footage. It helps recognize if the proposed building site is appropriate for building of a specific structure. Drones are used in the construction sector to take photos and pictures of buildings, building sites and surface areas. Property developers take many pictures and videos to promote their business projects.


Caterpillar and John Deere represent some of those firms that have proven integrations with drones into their daily operations. New capabilities in growth include the ability to observe building equipment and create better picture models.  This is an area where drones are becoming very useful.


Businesses have used drones mostly in TV and business, particularly for marketing purposes but there are large applications of UAV applications that might move in time from agriculture to building site surveillance. Drones are the multipurpose tool that provides the possibility to reimagine some of the most important ways that humans operate.  This is why it's so important to understand how drones work and what they can do for you.

Autonomous drones have long been hyped, but until lately they've represented a small part of this industry. The application of Skydio's new device indicates a recent turn. Drones that move themselves — whether around people for outside self-photography, which constitutes skydio's meant purpose, or for longer-range applications like transportation, observation and surveillance — are getting faster than you think.

DroneDeploy and Loveland Innovations are leaders with Automated drone flight software that provide enhanced AI Damage Detection, as well as accurate measurements for Volume, Roof Squares, Lengths and widths and more. They also provide a wide variety of reports to Annotate anything in a drag-and-drop report builder for urgency-driving inspection reports for a polished, professional impact. 3D Modeling is also available with this AI technology and the AI Technology gives your teams the power to fly drones autonomously to capture and organize photos, generate maps and inspection reports, and share easily – all in one AI-powered platform.

Reach out to us, lskdrones, and we will be happy to discuss in more detail how we can help your next construction project.

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