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Construction Aerial Drone Services at its BEST!

We are the oldest Drone Aerial company in the Sarasota area, and proud of our five-star Google rating. LSK Drone Construction photography services were involved with most or maybe all of the high rises, recently completed and still under construction in our Sarasota area. On Golden Gate, did you know that there are three condo projects under construction at this time?

Drone Construction Services
Aerial Drone Construction Services

Construction site aerial photography is an effective, inexpensive method for contractors to be on top of the demands of their work. From work beginning to completion, drone photography delivers the information that project managers need to make timelines, remain within budget, and ensure investors are happy with every detail.

Drone technology is developing rapidly, seeing new drones with increased capabilities being announced regularly. In the property business, drones are being used for aerial photography and commercials, capturing the property's characteristics from impressive angles. But even as quickly as drone technology progresses, new and exciting functions are being discovered.

Autonomous drones have long been hyped, but until lately, they've represented a small part of this industry. The application of 3D Mapping with an autonomous device indicates a recent turn. Drones that move themselves — whether around people for outside self-photography, Construction Site data management and progress reports, or for longer-range applications like transportation, observation, inspections, and surveillance — Drone Technology is growing faster than you think.

Contact us today to learn more about Autonomous devices and 3D mapping for your current or future projects.

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